Catalogs / Editions

3 photographs on archival inkjet Hahnemühle photo baryta FB 350g (archivar quality) 40 x 27,8 cm
photos by Achim Schächtele
10"LP with original recordings from 1978 
facsimile of invitationcard
edition of 24 (7AP) 2014 © Provinz Editionen 


poems and texts by Sven-Åke Johansson 1980 - 2013 (german) 184 pages with black and white photos by SÅJ
Verlag Heckler & Koch, Berlin 2013 


posters 1968-2003 (catalogue)
SÅJ in conversation with Thomas Groetz 
Verlag H + K Berlin 2005


(catalogue) drawings, 12 pages, 2004 Verlag H + K 


Werke unter Einbeziehung des Rades 
(book) 120 pages (de/en) with numerous pictures, publ. by Sven-Åke Johansson 
concept and design by Teresa Iten 
2004 Kehrer Verlag, ISBN 3-936 636-08-07


LP size box designed by Peter Kogler and Heimo Zobernig 
and 6 CD box with liner notes by SÅJ
edition of 30 
Edition Artelier Graz 2003
watch: Discographie


Din A/5 size booklet with drawings: traktors, caravans, petrol pump attendants, pencil sharpener
publ. Galerie Bleich-Rossi, Graz February 2000


portfolio with drawings
(pencil sharpener) offset, 10 ex. signed
self-publishing 2000


book with drawings and a register of cucumbers 
12 x 16 cm, 300 copies
Studien-Verlag: Innsbruck/Vienna 1998
special edition: 44 cucumbers numbered and signed 
© Johansson & Edition W. Innsbruck


Vliegenmepper 1 - 4 (drawings)
4 postcards, edition of 20 
Edition Boekie Woekie Amsterdam 1993


Portfolio with drawings, edition of 60 numbered and signed copies, 1-10 with a original drawing
Edition Forum Stadtpark, Graz 1990


Poems (1977 -1986)
cover and illustrations by Adolf Oehlen
Meterverlag, Hamburg 1986


Poems edited by Norbert Möslang and Felix Müller
Vexer Verlag 1985