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Installation für drei Windräder

The making-hearable of the three rotating wind turbines (simultaneously!) through speakers in a closed room with a window providing a view of the turbines 1.5 kilometers away. 
The transmission via radio reveals: 1. the basic sound: rotational noise (x 3), 2. the beating of the propeller blades, where the intention of the piece is to make hearable the indifferences caused by the minimally differing wind speeds. (only one turbine can be heard at a given time – which isn't possible in "nature") Through varying wind speeds (also standstill), the installation produces a constantly changing spectrum of sounds over the course of several days. SÅJ, 1998

Collaboration with Deutschlandradio, Berlin 2000

Wind wheels or wind generators often stand together in groups, mustered along imagined lines and -  effective only collectively - transforming wind energy into electrical energy. Like giraffes, they tower in peaceful community into the sky for example on Hutberg hill, only 120 meters high, near Kaditzsch in Mulde River Valley between Leipzig and Dresden.

see: Trilogie für Windgeneratoren

DLR (Deutschland Radio)


technical installation and sound sample at the mast


listening wagon (external and internal)


  • "Track 1"