Musik als Lärm - Lärm als Musik 

Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky: alto saxophone
Wolfgang Fuchs: bass clarinet, sopranino
Paul Lovens: drums, percussion
Sven-Åke Johansson: drums, percussion and 3 metal workers from the Kombinat Schwarze Pumpe

Open Air-Festival Peitz (Brandenburg, GDR) 1979

A group of craftsmen with hammer, welding, and sanding devices producing and finishing larger iron and steel objects like a tank, steel arch, turbine, and so on, and a music group with brass winds, woodwinds, and percussion playing in an "atonal", noise-like manner. A meeting of noise-producing activity and the free playing of music as a natural synergy, as an interlocking of both groups. Chance gave rise to astounding things: among other things, a double T-girder, as a symbol for Germany, was cut in half by the metal workers with a cutting torch, and with a mighty crash two pieces emerged – later on in the performance they were, with wise foresightedness, welded back together again.

Photo: Zeyen 1979


Fuchs, Johansson, Petrowsky, metalworker
Pooto: Zeyen 1979


musicians and workman


Lovens, Johansson, 1979 (Photo: Zeyen)


Fuchs, Johansson, Petrowsky, 1979