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Dante in the Elevator

by Lindy Annis
part 2 of "The Paternoster Triology" 

A piece for 17 figures and a paternoster lift 1991 

Frieder Butzmann
Sven-Åke Johansson
Sascha Waltz
Boris Aljinovic
Thomas Kapielski
Momo Schwanke

Ten dancers (the same as the amount of lift platforms) enter one by one into a moving "paternoster lift." With a fly swatter they chase an imaginary fly inside of the lift (increasing, irregular slapping noise). Decreasingly, they get off the lift after around twelve minutes, accompanied by a faint, continuous drum swirl in one of the lift platforms. The audience is on four floors.  SÅJ '92




Lindy Annis presents: