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Solostück für Konzertbecken

Based on notations by Mathäus Lorenz Seitz

The three sheets of notations written on toilet paper show continuous lines of text, the individual characters of wich are made up of right angles in various positions with up to three related points or dots. We know neither the meaning of this text nor of its characters. It could very well be a kind of secret code or an attempt at a stylised Arabic script. Sven-Åke Johansson interprets the text as composition for an alphabet of gestures and individual percussive sounds. Matthias Osterwold

In 1921, after adventurously wandering throug far-away lands, Matthäus Lorenz Seitz was commited, by order of the poorhouse in the city of Pforzheim, to the psychiatric clinic at the University of Heidelberg on grounds of "deliusinal ideas" and "hallucinations" of a religious and erotic nature. He was later committed to the mental asylum Wiesloch in Baden. In 1940, he was murdered in Grafeneck as one of the National Socialist regime's first victims of euthanasia. Today his drawings are a part of the Prinzhorn collection.

First performance: Berlin 1990