Konzert für MC -(HD) und gemischten Chor

First performance: Marstall Berlin 2000

The piece consists of two parts: First sitting and acting on the motorcycle, and then comes the decisive part in this piece: the riders leave their seats on the motorcycles to imitate their machines in a kind of playfull mixed choir. They imitate their own machines, like small children, so to speak, the way as a child one perhaps imitated motors or a particular model of car. Back then in Sweden, the garbage removal truck had an old Ford V6 motor and when you heard the "blubblubblubblub" you immediately knew the garbage men were there. As a child you could imitate that well and so I gave instructions that the motorcycles be left and that then, to the side of the machines, they should imitate the machines with their own voices. A participant then shuts off the twelve motorcycles, one after the other, so that only the riders remain with their imitated machines, thus singing nakedly on the stage. SÅJ

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Jannowitzbrücke, Berlin (2000)


MC - (HD)