Bahn und Boot

A song cycle for voice and piano (1997)

1. Winkelverstellbare Propellerkonstruktionen
2. Der Heimatbahnhof
3. Schuh-und Handschuh-Fabrikation
4. Bahn und Boot mt blindem Passagier
5. 1,435 (one point four three five)

In Bahn und Boot, the two sound artists translate their experience of journeying along routes through mountains and valleys to the sea, into five musical poems for voice and piano.
In these poems, the syllables ba - bo - ba,  ba - ba, bo - ba - bo! serve as a kind of wellspring of inspirations.
Bahn und Boot recalls the traditional travel routes connecting Denmark, Germany and Poland, with Sweden, the artist's land of birth. SÅJ

First performance 1997 with Sten Sandell at SFB Berlin
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