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Thomas Kapielski


Thomas Kapielski: electronics, roll, gas cooker, fan, et al.
Sven-Åke Johansson: voice, percussion, shoe stretcher, accordeon

Musical actions; Frankfurt, Brussels, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg

The Moabiter Duo
On the day of the performance, Johansson's venerable drum set stood on the stage and looked good even when it was quiet. All around it was my confusion of electric stuff on a thousand cables, cables of every kind. I had already gotten confused when I was setting up, and then, in front of the audience, was following all these cables to see where they led and what they did. When Sven beat the kettledrum, that led a device to set a roll echoing. Sven in turn responded with astonishment to this roll. For my part, I followed the cable to understand how this wonder had occurred and to lay new cables. In the end, it all took on an electro-comical life of its own, humming, whining, and squeaking in percussive and electrically produced pleasure. That's all I remember. (excerpt: "The Moabit Duo" by T.K.)

Publications: Automatismus der Rotation
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